The story to date

I’m Jane-Marie.  When I met my future husband on that fateful day October 2001 at the tender age of 25 having children didn’t even cross my mind.  Now they are on my mind.  They hadn’t crossed my mind for years until 

Event #1

Laporoscopy to remove GRAPEFRUIT sized cyst from my left ovary in May 2003 just after my younger brother’s wedding.  During the surgery they found *dun * dun * dunnnnnn ENDOMETRIOSIS. Bet you didn’t sense that coming from the title of this blog

Dr.’s famous quote “don’t wait too long to have children, no more that 5 years or so”

5 years go by

During that time we get married in June 2004, (ahhhhh), and successfully push the paper work to allow him to move to Canada a much saner place than the UK.  FUN FACT: we are now both dual citizens

New Year’s Eve 2004 – proceed to have a large argument about having children.  Agree to disagree in heartbreaking fashion

Seek counselling on said child rearing issue – there is no compromise on this one I say to the counsellor.  Proceed to not discuss becoming parents for a long time.

more time passes

Gain consensus on having children

Proceed to try…oh what fun it is …. TRY x 1 million; Children successfully obtained 0

Tell doctor

Referred to fertility clinic

Tell fertility clinic our woes, proceed to have all the tests….ouch!
Manage to get pregnant without knowing it, followed by miscarriage…oucher!  Discover the term “chemical pregnancy”

present day

Event #2, 3, 4 and 5

Laporoscopy #2 – May 2010

Left ovary scarred, small, weak and just generally not up to the challenge.  Pictures of insides to follow.

IUI with Clomid #1 – July 2010 – only 1 follicle; can’t see left ovary as it refuses to cooperate. Become intimately familiar with vaginal ultrasound. PAINFUL

IUI with Clomid #2 – August 2010 – two follicles; can’t see left ovary. PAIN with ultrasound

IUI with Clomid #3 – September 2010 – only on follicle again, left ovary has disappeared along with bobby pins, lipgloss and that one sock I can never find. Doctor says, well it looks like you don’t respond very well to Clomid! Gee! I’m bloated enough and spew the fires of wrath and or burst into sobs for no reason, those side effects don’t produce more than one follicle???

now currently waiting to go on birth control – the irony, and meet with our lovely RE to discuss IVF #1.

Stay tuned!


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