Things to do this weekend to take my mind off the 2 week wait

So I get to test on Sept 24th which also happens to be my birthday! If my period hasn’t arrived by then of course. If it has arrived I get to start on birth control…..wheeeeeeeeeee!

So, a list to ease my mind – what to do this weekend and the days leading up to either period in time for my birthday followed by birth control or blood test to see if IUI #3 worked – to pass the time:

1. Friday night – cook dinner, clean, read and watch TV!
2. Saturday day and Sunday day – Assist my lovely with renovations – hard work stops thinking
3. Saturday night – ooooh maybe some laundry if I have the energy
4. Sunday night – hopefully fall into dreamless sleep
5. Monday – work work work work work.
6. Monday night – read, eat, sleep, blog
7 repeat as necessary plus random obsessing thoughts thrown in to keep me on my toes
8. Tuesday night – pilates yay!
10. Wednesday night – meet girlfriends for drinks yay! Figure out how to not drink and not tell anyone why. Any ideas please let me know
11. Thursday – pilates yay!
12. Friday – my birthday – hope to not be completely crazed by then.

Any suggestions on time passing activities that don’t require much energy? What’s your favorite website?


2 thoughts on “Things to do this weekend to take my mind off the 2 week wait

  1. I’d suggest The Millenium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the other two books, whatever they’re called). The most compelling books I’ve read in ages. I read them when I was lying in bed trying not to move with bleeding in early pregnancy (which I ended up losing). They actually did take my mind off it for a while.

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