Self Magazine Article – Breaking the Silence on Infertility

Very interesting article I have started to read. Made me realize that I have been extremely quiet in my day to day life about revealing the infertility struggle we are facing.

I have told my family which was met with typical family reception. No one talks about it to me which is weird except for a few painful questions every now and then. The last one from my sister in law – “are you pregnant?” No, duh I just told you guys we are having problems with that? Or the inappropriate comments from my mum.

I am opening up online as I need for this “STUFF” to go somewhere but I haven’t told my in-laws! Most of our friends don’t know. I feel like I lead a different life!

What about you? Do you have varying levels of disclosure online and/or in your day to day life?

2 thoughts on “Self Magazine Article – Breaking the Silence on Infertility

  1. Yep – I pretty much talk about it to anyone who is interested. Here is how I see it; Talking about it makes people aware, aware people begin to realize there are many people dealing with IF, over time enough people start to care and the insurance companies may consider actually one day SUPPORTING WOMEN and covering IF treatments in the US….although right now they are busy paying for viagra which is, apparently, much more important.
    Sorry. I’m on ALOT of estrogen!

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