Infertility news

Just read this article and was completely shocked.

I checked out the website of the infertility clinic we go to and noted that our Doctor has posted about it on the blog page

What are your thoughts on this?

Alert – seque upcoming

I also admit that I watch Desperate Housewives and one of the story arcs is that years ago there was a baby mix up.

I always jump to worse case scenario and wonder what I would do in those situations.  I can’t event imagine.


One thought on “Infertility news

  1. That’s pretty shocking. But I must admit that I’m at the point now where I don’t really care whose eggs or sperm my baby is made of. I will be grateful for any baby! 🙂

    Similar, but different – one woman at my clinic said she was waiting on the bed for embryo transfer. The embryologist (or nurse? – whoever brings the embryo in) seemed to be taking a long time so the doctor went out to see what was going on. The embryo had apparently been “lost” somewhere between the lab and the doctor’s room!! Luckily she had some spare ones to thaw.

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