Blood tests

Blood tests done.  Eleven vials after 10 hours of fasting!  I thought I was going to pass out.  Plus the nurse forgot one and had to reinsert the needle (into my challenging veins) and I had 2 pokes….poor me and my delicate flower syndrome.

Now I hope to hear back soon about what we do next!


nearly 4 months since my last post

Ok so where were we

oh yes, trying to get through the 2ww

Well, happy days I had a positive pregnancy test and then another one and then the blood test confirmed this on September 25th, the day after my birthday.

Very exciting times

Then it all went pear shaped

I started spotting

I phoned the doctor and went for an ultra sound at the Fertility Clinic.  The ultra sound confirmed early fetal demise, no heart beat and the fetus was measuring 1 week behind.

Then, referred to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic and they confirmed the early fetal demise and gave me a choice of four options on how I wanted to manage the miscarriage.  I decided to have the D and C option and have the tissue sent for an embryopathology to try and determine what happened.

I wish I had thought about this a little more but I think I made the right decision still.  I had the D and C at an abortion clinic and while I’m pro-choice it was emotionally difficult to be in clinic next to a woman who was using abortions as a method of birth control and was in for her 4th abortion.  The nurse who walked her through her medical history and abortion and pregnancy history said….”and after your abortion you’re here for the Mirena?…good for you!”  I almost laughed.  Thankfully, the nurses were extremely kind and were aware of my medical history and were very sorry for my loss.  Their kindness was a double edged sword though as it nearly made me come undone.

I had the procedure done October 20th and then….

INFECTION!!  Oh yes, this struck and I had to be admitted to the hospital about 3 days after the procedure due to extreme pain.  The emergency hospital was so helpful and extremely quick to admit me.  As there were no beds available I took the last available bed in the leukemia ward…that was…perspective inducing at the least.

Thankfully the infection cleared up after a couple days in the hospital I was right as rain with 10 days of the worst antibiotics to take….gross!

That was October

November I got my period and it lasted and lasted and lasted….and bled SO effing much it was frightening.  To top it all off I was on a business trip and was so worried about the amount of blood that I went to the hospital, in Macedonia.  That was an experience.  Once I got back home back to the hospital in my home and native land I went.  They couldn’t determine anything.  I went to see the fertility doctor and he put me on birth control to try and stabilize the flow and during the ultrasound determined that I have a cyst on my left ovary.  Joy!  2 days later we went on a month vacation


Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong


HSG test booked as the doctors want to make sure the infection hasn’t gotten into my tubes

Call from the Fertility clinic with the embryopathology tests and they determined that it was a Normal Male Fetus.  They are concerned about this as the fetus was normal and they could find no reason why I should have miscarried and they want to send me for several more blood tests to try and determine what this means.



HSG on Tuesday – take those gross antibiotics again for 3 days

Blood tests

Once results are in, determine next steps

Deal with cyst?


….I’ll keep you updated.