Mr. Sunshine

Well, I was happy to see Chandler Bing back on TV.  I still miss Friends on Thursday nights.  This makes me realize how sentimental I am and how difficult it is for me to throw away things or give up on things that hold significant memories from my past.  We recently completed a clear out of our insuite storage room (the room of shame!) and turned it into an office – in doing so I had to go through piles of paper and determine what to keep and what to bin.  Well, we had watched a few episodes of “Hoarders” and needless to say it made me itchy to tackle the project!  Several years ago my parents gave me all my school records, tests I had taken, report cards and various memorabilia from my childhood.  I still couldn’t through those away!  I was able to keep one box of “keepsakes” and have also kept in there some cards that have special meaning for me.

We now have a sparkling office just ready for us to stay organized….I sure hope we can.

All this has made me realize that maybe I hold on to things just a little bit too much and I should learn to just go with the flow of events and take things as they come.  Facing the recent struggles that we have has really brought this to the forefront as I’ve had to adjust the ideas I had for myself that I formed in my early twenties, with the realities that have come up in my thirties.  (can’t say early 30’s anymore as I’m 35 this year, eek!)  I also need to create new pathways in my brain so I don’t keep reliving the same old hurts, fears, worries and stories that I tell my self unconsciously and throughout the years.  At the end of the day I want to do my best to be a good person and face life with a smile on my face.  Some days are easier than others….

It’s been difficult to let go and I have to tackle this area in other arena’s of my life as well.  One day at a time.

All I can do is do the best that I can.

In other news, what do you think of this article?


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