I had the best dream

You know you’re going even more crazy when you dream about taking a pregnancy test and see two beautiful pink lines!  I woke up scared I’d wet the bed the dream was SO VIVID!  I’m too scared now to take the test and might wait one more day to see if that gives me a better chance.  That superstition thing is creeping up again!  I told DH and now he’s getting worried that I’m setting myself up again….he’s right, I need to chillax already!

In other news….I had a great friend come over last night.  We’d met as children and then bumped into each other years later at a work event.  I am so thankful to have good friends- it’s so important to me to laugh, relax and share stories.  It makes up for a lot as my family isn’t always around.

Well it’s now Friday thankfully!  My new blackout curtains are  a dream (ha ha).  We have a suntanning studio right across the street from our house and they leave their neon advertising on all night just glowing away and shining right into our bedroom.  I hunted down blackout curtains and it was going to be $1200 plus.  Well I bought some regular curtains instead for $80 and my DH took it upon himself to

a) buy a sewing machine – $20

b) buy blackout material from the craft store – $55

c) SEW the material onto the backs of our regular curtains – FREE, a little thread and some swears

Now we drift off to sleep in a mostly dark room, huzzah!


3 thoughts on “I had the best dream

  1. I would be stingy about peeing on $10 sticks as well. Good luck. Hopefully, that dream was a foretelling of a positive test this weekend!

  2. Not that I’d know personally, but I know a lot of women who say that their dreams were their first early pregnancy symptom! I hope this is true for you, as well! **Baby Dust!**

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