I have no will power

Okay, so I might have caved and peed on both stick – there’s $20 bucks I’ll never see again.  The first time was on Friday on CD 25.  To be honest I think I got a brief flicker of a positive line but it was so inconclusive so I thought I’ll wait till Saturday and use morning pee – well a BFN.  I’m going to be honest again though cause on Monday I’m heading right to the drug store again to buy some more incase the 2nd test was wrong.  Hope, she’s a merciless bitch.

It was too late though, we’d already calculated the due date, moved around travel plans and decided when we’d start telling people.  I’d re-downloaded the “what to expect when you’re expecting” app onto my phone and worried that I hadn’t taken enough folic acid.

Saturday brought that to a halt.

Friday I thought I may have predicted this with my dream and now Saturday well I knew it couldn’t have been that easy.

The worst part is I still haven’t thrown the tests away….they are sitting in my bathroom waiting for me to incessantly study them every time I go in.

My poor husband!  His refrain to me always is don’t get too carried away.  He’s the brakes!  I sure wish I knew how not to get carried away.  Now I have March to look forward to with period cramps and then Clomid!

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