If you like pina coladas

Ok so yesterday wasn’t that great.  Came home and puked my guts up, well mainly bile, for most of the evening, lucky me.

Thankfully, though I woke up this morning feeling a bit better.  I really don’t recommend puking when you have enlarged tonsils and strep throat – uncomfortable to say the least.

I’m going to take it easy today and hopefully this fever finally goes away as well.

In other news, we’ve recently subscribed to Netflix and talk about just in time with the amount of time I’ve been laying on the couch.  I’ve watched loads of old, cheesy movies, it’s been great!

In other other news, one of my good friends texted me to say she is late.  This is a couple who have been married about 7 years and have repeatedly stated that they do not wish to have children.  To be honest I have no idea what to say to her.  Any advice?

Other than that I really should post about our recent trip to Barcelona, it’s a magical place!


Antioxidants might help treat infertility problems in both women and men

Antioxidants might help treat infertility problems in both women and men.

Interesting that it may also help with egg implantation and endometriosis

Antioxidants can help with infertility: Study | Health & Fitness | Life | Toronto Sun.

Good thing blueberries are in season

What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy Pilates and I also found a new form of Pilates called Barre Fitness which ballet and mat Pilates fused together to top 40’s music for an intense 1 hour class.

I just realized after that depressing post that I haven’t been able to exercise and that as soon as I’m feeling better I should attempt to get back on the exercising train as it can really help my mood and make me feel more positive about myself and life in general.

I’ll add that to my list of things to do!


I have strep throat with a fever…poor me 😦  It’s making me feel quite miserable.  I feel like I have been quite rundown over the past while  (since December) with a cold, sore throat, strep throat, dehydration complications and other ailments.  And before that it was the miscarriage that had complications and all that went with that.  I’ve not been feeling well for a WHILE!

I was talking to someone who had their tonsils out and she highly recommends it and thinks I may want to look into it.

It’s not the greatest timing to be sick right now (although when is it ever) as I’ve been on holiday and have a lot of catching up to do.  I was only back at work for 3 days and have now taken a few days off sick.  Yikes!

Stupidly I also went to the dentist as I had a scheduled appointment; and

a) they were going to fine me $100 if I cancelled even if I had strep throat and

b)I just wanted to get it over with and thought I’d maximize my time away from work by going so I wouldn’t have to take MORE time off later to go to the dentist.

What a giant, colossal mistake.  Also, another mistake?  Laughing gas.  Disgusting!  I don’t know why I didn’t opt for conscious sedation like the last time I was unfortunate enough to have a cavity.  I should know my limits and work within them rather than working to other people’s expectations.  See, that was very easy to type.  Not so easy to do!!

My appetite seems to have almost disappeared which is uncomfortable when I take the antibiotics and pain meds.  My stomach is hurting and I feel on the verge of vomiting most of the time that I delay taking Tylenol and then my fever rockets back up and my throat hurts and wakes me up.  It’s a vicious circle.

On a brighter note it’s a long weekend this weekend and I am going to do my utmost to try and get better.  Rest, relax, try and eat and healthy things at that and maybe even garden if I can find the energy.

In the back of my mind is the count down to phone the fertility clinic and undertake the next round of trying.  It’s stressing me out.  I don’t know how to talk about it or even how to get my feelings out about it.  I’m not going to lie, I’m having difficulty coping with everything.  How do you all manage?

Note to self – to do list

Email fertility clinic/book appointment for next cycle
get back on the baby making train
find energy to do so
grow thicker skin
decide whether to do superovulation cycle
decide whether to take progesterone again
decide whether to take clomid again
find out how to balance hormones when taking an extra dosage of crazy hormones
find out if there is strategies for reducing pain with IUI’s

Start IVF planning strategy
calm down
stop worrying

any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated