Just in case

I think I might stop by a drug store and buy a pregnancy test….I can’t help myself!

Lately I am feeling a bit better, I’m so thankful to have my health back and can’t believe how much it takes it out of me being sick.  I am so thankful to feel better and for the lovely sunshine outside.  Am trying to look on the bright side of life and find joy in the small things.  On that note, I just ate the best nectarine of my life.  It was so good – like eating pure juicy sugar.  Mmmmm!

Another thing I’m eternally grateful for is my lovely husband.  He is very loving, thoughtful and incredibly supportive.  It’s been very depressing, isolating and lonely for me trying to get pregnant and I have a difficult time talking about it and really no one to even discuss it with.  That’s been one of the hardest things is just getting through the appointments, lab tests, surgeries, blood work, procedures, HSGs, ultra-sounds, planning, needles, hoping, D&C, miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, hormones etc. etc and coming out of the Dr.’s or the hospital or the lab and feeling so alone.  He’s been so wonderful and I can’t wait til we have a family together.  Please send us a baby soon!


Hopeful mom-to-be

PS – What do you think of this article?



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