15 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I am a dual citizen – Canada and UK.

2. My first job was in a library.

3. I am a middle child.

4. I am terrified of the dentist.

5. The scariest thing I ever did was bungy jumping – here. I will never do it again and sometimes my heart still beats v. fast when I think about it.

6. I lived in New Zealand for a year.

7. I met my husband in a hostel in New Zealand.

8. I wish that I liked golf, but I hate it.

9. I picked out a name for our “normal male fetus” that we lost last October

10. I love reading and am partial to romance novels….yikes!

11. I have never broken a bone…knock on wood

12. I have been sky diving and would do that again…not sure why it’s less scary than bungy jumping

13. I recently got my PADI in Mexico…I am still surprised that I like diving

14. I have asthma but didn’t tell the PADI people

15. I have lots of anxiety and barely keep it together. I was prescribed medication for it and took it for a while but didn’t notice any improvement and weaned myself off of it, brain shivers and all.


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