Just start already

CD 30

I wish my period would just hurry up and get here.  When it goes a bit longer than usual it makes me CRAZY with the wondering!  But I’ve already spent my allowance on pregnancy tests.

I want it just to arrive already so I can phone the clinic and get booked in for IUI #5.  I swear I spend half my life wishing the time away, it’s ridiculous.

To celebrate my BFN’s I had 3 cocktails on Saturday and today had 2 cups of coffee and lox on my thin crust pizza.  It’s the little things.

In other news I started back up at Barre Fitness and it was just what I needed, what a mood booster.  I really should take my own advice a bit more often.  I’m feeling a bit sore today, but in a good way.

I just discovered this blog and have read some interesting and disturbing research from Dr. Sher regarding endometriosis.  In a nutshell he says to skip to IVF due to the toxins that are released with endo that essentially cause a breakdown to the eggs and thus resulting in repeat miscarriages.  He says to move to IVF and thus bypass the toxins bathing the eggs with all their endo nuclear energy.  Now I just wonder how to bring this up with our Dr.  Any advice?


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