There was something so pleasant about that space

CD – 32….agh!  Tomorrow if it hasn’t arrived I’m buying more pregnancy tests, screw it!

In other news, I was told to “just relax” by someone I’ve never met.  Let me elaborate.  My DH was speaking with someone he trusts who has shared their past experiences with infertility with DH previously and DH has shared ours.  DH was speaking with the husband as apparently they have bonded over discussing their wives repeat miscarriages and actually to be fair, the husband was able to  help my DH with some of our shared grief .  Essentially, they were trying and trying and then decided that adoption was the best course of action for them.  They however gave TTC one more go and then ensured that they relaxed, didn’t stress and treated themselves well during the two week wait.  THEN, they ended up finding out they were pregnant on THE SAME DAY that they received their newborn adopted child.  Moral of the story “so, just tell you’re wife to try relaxing because it worked for us” 

Ok, I’ll write that down.

It’s good blogging material actually.


4 thoughts on “There was something so pleasant about that space

  1. Argh! That makes me so easy. Hearing those words makes me want to tell the person to “F*&k off!” I haven’t told too many people in real life but those who do know and have said that to me, I don’t talk to much anymore about this or anything else, really.

    Hugs. Hope there’s a BFP there for you (or you get AF).

  2. i know, sometimes I feel like I should open up more and not be so closed off. but then the most random comment hits or people don’t know what to say when you tell them that no you don’t have children but were recently in the hospital for an infection from a D & C from a miscarriage of a child you wanted very much, a child that you later find out is a boy.. .
    sigh…’s hard to talk about IRL

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