What A Feeling

Wow, Bunless Oven put me on her list and what a thrill I got when I read her post AND saw she added me to her to blogroll!  Which reminds me I really need to update my blogroll.  Also, any suggestions for a “reader” to use to keep up with new posts on all the new blogs I’m now reading and discovering?

Her post about  the The Blog of Substance list perfectly captured what I am feeling as well.  It is exactly like finding new friends.  It’s so nice to be able to connect to people through this here t’internet not that it’s nice to see the constant struggle but it’s the feeling of not being SO alone.

Random Thought alert – there seems to be a fair amount of song lyrics in my blog titles….weird!

The rules are fairly simple.  You list out 7 things about yourself, and then you nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers.

1. I eloped and got married in the Maldives

2. I was home schooled for Grade 10 and 11

3. I find it extremely difficult to resist a bargain

4. I got my first period while my mum was away and I was staying at someone else’s house

5. Addicted to Guitar Hero

6. I love the TV show F*R*I*E*N*D*S and still quote it.  Yes, I realize this is quite dorky

7. I’m 1/3 of the way towards a life goal of joining the Century Club


List of 7 beautiful bloggers

1. A Miracle in The Works

2. My Little Valley Of Tears

3. Sushigirl @ Just Us And The Cats

4. road2baby

5. thosenewmans

6. projectpcos

7. nhsbaby

These are some lovely new ladies I’ve been reading lately.












5 thoughts on “What A Feeling

  1. I just got the exact same feeling seeing my blog on your list! 🙂 hehe
    Great idea: I’m going to come up with my list now!

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