Newbie question

Ok here’s my newb question of the day.  Does anyone order pregnancy tests online and if so do you recommend a source/brand/seller/website?  I read yesterday that someone had ordered them from ebay and I’m wondering if that would work for me?  I went on to ebay and saw 100’s for sale, packs of 12 for a “buy now” price of 98 cents but I didn’t know what brand/seller to use – overwhelming!  However, 98 cents for 12 would be amazing as I’m currently buying 2 from the drugstore at $25 bucks a pop which eats into my “frittering away on distraction therapy shopping budget” 

Also, I have bought ovulation sticks online from a source my RE recommended (of all things) but would love to hear your recommendations on that as well.  I currently get blood work monitoring for ovulation which is a bit more labour intensive but insures that I don’t miss it and keeps my mind at ease.  The less things to worry about the better.

Much appreciated y’all.


9 thoughts on “Newbie question

  1. In the past, when I was POAS addict, I got mine on Amazon: (They also have OPK sticks but I’ve not trusted them so I use the digital smiley face ones that are way easier to confirm the LH surge).

    They are super cheap and work. Now that I’ve decided that testing early is bad for my health, I just use the digital expensive ones – once a month (so far to only confirm what I believe is AF coming). Hoping that this month I’ll get the “pregnant” message to appear 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. I second the above!!! Those are my favorite cheapie tests. They are really sensitive too, which can be good and bad (if you had an hcg trigger shot, for example). And beware: all cheapie sticks are NOT made equal! Those pink handled ones seem to be the best!

    Good luck 🙂

  3. I use both wondfo HCG and LH strips (buy in 50 packs off of amazon)-the HCG strips tell you before FRER’s-that claim to be six days before your period-I can tell with certainty because I get a line (although very faint and grey) on the wondfo’s when my beta is 5 and the FRER’s are positively white negative!! I also use the wondfo LH strips as they are dead on accurate when compared to the crazy expensive digital LH strips.

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