Are there any skills you’ve picked up in the last year?

Does staring at pregnancy tests and wondering if there is a second line count?

Other than that I would have to say deflecting pain from random comments.  Although I’ve really not got very good at that.

How about feeling guilty that I didn’t give each pregnancy the best chance by not:

 totally giving up caffeine

or maybe I shouldn’t have taken that pilates class

or maybe I could have taken it a bit easier

eaten a bit healthier

taken the folic acid every day

The worry and guilt were so bad that my darling husband was concerned.  The last time we saw Dr. H he mentioned it and asked if these types of environmental issues really could lessen our chances.  Dr. H. said not, that we are just waiting for a “good” embryo (paraphrasing).  Still doesn’t make it go away.

Dr. H. emailed me back today to say that he will refer me to the Repeat Pregnancy Loss clinic although he’s not sure what else they will find there but yes, let’s send you there.  Er….?  It was your suggestion!  And the reason was for a 2nd pair of eyes of people who handle these situations all the time.  Hopefully the referral comes through soon, we met with him ages ago!

He also said that after the IUI to continue with the progesterone so I’ll have to email him back and get a prescription.

And, so we wait……


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