Mini-break = success

Well a blog post for a cathartic release of sadness followed up with a weekend away has done much to lift my spirits.

Hi to all ICLW commenters – that’s a mood booster as well.  It’s lovely to “meet” you all and let me welcome you to my little blog and don’t mind me while I tidy up a little!  More about me can be found here and here.  You might like this post too where I tell a few more things about myself. 

The weekend was gorgeous.  The weather was beautiful and the scenery we saw was a balm of bliss to my soul.  It was lovely to spend time with my husband and just relax in each other’s company and take time to breathe.  I got caught up on some much needed sleep, had the most healing massage with a therapist I’ve known for a while and brought her up to speed with the latest in our pregnancy quest.  The last time I saw her I was 7 weeks pregnant so she had a lot to get caught up on!  She was really helpful and kind and gave me some great resources and contacts in my quest to manage the physical pain I get from scoliosis and fibromyalgia. She lives about 2.5 hours away from me so whenever we head up her way I try to get in to see her for a massage and she’s SO good and very healing.  DH had a massage too and he said it was the BEST massage of his entire life which is high praise in deed.

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting.  Your kindness and words of support really touched me and made me feel better so thank you again.  I’m so grateful for this community of support that blogging has introduced me to.

Days to LH blood test – 4


8 thoughts on “Mini-break = success

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

    It seems that you’ve had a really rough go of things. I, too, had a D&E this past year and it is just a terrible thing to have to endure. Miscarriage is gutting. I just can’t even describe the heartbreak, as you know. I am so sorry for the loss of your little ones. My cousin had two miscarriages within the past year (each followed by a D&E). They really couldn’t pinpoint anything at all that was going on other than piss-poor luck of the draw, Now, she is 15 weeks along in her pregnancy and things are going perfectly. I hope that this can give you some hope.

    Your break sound marvelous. Enjoy and all the best to you!

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