Accupuncture, fertility diet, EWCM, BBT, pineapples and peas oh my

Ok, well here’s the thing.  When I look back to January 2010 and the surgeries, tests, multiple losses, hospitalizations, and the sheer amount of people staring at my cooch and insides (minor segue, I’ve stopped going for bikini waxes to limit how many people see my vagina on a monthly basis) and all the blood I’ve given away I feel like I’ve been at this forever.  When I start to research, read blogs and message boards and books and talk to people and doctors and specialist I feel like I’m not doing enough and that I should know better. I should eat better, track my temperature, track my cervical mucus, do fertility yoga and just plain read more.  (I just found out that apparently you shouldn’t eat peas when you’re trying to conceive).

So yesterday I scheduled an appointment for acupuncture.  They sent me a 7 page form to complete in advance of my treatment.  One page had these questions on

In the space below, please provide us with a thorough answer to each question so that we can understand your goals and dreams:

  • Why do you want to have a child?
  • What makes a good parent?
  • How do you nuture yourself and your relationship?
  • How would you describe your relationship?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What are you grateful for?

Er, could you just stick me with a needle please so I can have a baby? 

Is that wrong?  Do I not have the right attitude?  Is this my performance review and I’m not quite meeting expectations?  I should be more knowledgeable right?  That’s why I keep getting the comments on my report card of “….if JM could just try harder she would make an excellent parent”.  Or,  “if JM could apply herself more diligently she would proceed to the next level.”


Complete acupuncture essay

Buy baby present for best friend lunch on Friday





17 thoughts on “Accupuncture, fertility diet, EWCM, BBT, pineapples and peas oh my

  1. For acupuncture? Seriously?? Sure, those are good questions and all, but only in the right place. I think I might blog about them, actually. But come on, are they going to refuse you if you’re not joyful or are ungrateful? What a crock.

    I don’t like peas anyway. I told DH once it’s because they taste like sadness. Maye that’s why.

    • Peas taste like sadness? That’s right up there with raisins are humiliated grapes 🙂
      LOL the whole thing kinda took my breathe away but I do think it’s funny in the end. I just think some of my answers are private as well. And yah, I”m paying for it as you mentioned on your blog. $138.66 for the first appointment and $90.65 for the follow ups!

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and happy ICLW to you. Sorry for your struggle of a journey so far. The acupuncture questionarie is a BIT long and intrusive, I’d say. A few pages, sure, but 7? Yikes. Best of luck in your next cycle

    • LOL yah, it kind of took my breathe away a bit! I’ve tried acupuncture before, back in my 20’s for chronic pain. Drinking the herbs were the worst part. Even worse than the smell of them boiling away.

  4. Wow that’s crazy! I’ve never had a questionnaire like that! I think you’re making some great steps in the right direction! Good for you! But please don’t get caught up in thinking that you’re not doing enough. I always think I should be doing more and kind of beat myself up about it. Make sure to be proud of the things you do – even the little things 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa 🙂 It’s awful how mean we can be to ourselves hey? I would never treat a friend or even a stranger the way I sometimes treat myself and the things I say to myself. It’s ridiculous when I can be objective about it. 🙂

  5. Yes. EXACTLY.
    This is why none of us have been given babies yet. We have clearly not thought this through completely, put enough time, energy, BLOOD, sweat, money or tears into this dream. Shame on us for thinking we had. Oh wait what’s that? Yet another knocked up teen? Oh? Cool! That woman has 4 kids and is on food stamps and smoking in her car in the grocery store parking lot with her children and babies jammed in there and the windows are rolled up-hmmmn, missed that section in my mommy to be prep classes.
    I wasted 8 hours and $800 bucks on acupuncture-this cycle. I think I can honestly say, that was not my missing link, perhaps now I will work on how I’m a good parent as my missing link-oh wait-I can’t because well, I have no children. Crap.

  6. Love your style! Love the bikini wax rationale! And the questionnaire is a joke. I do like how you are exploring complementary approaches to your infertility treatment. I wish some of this stuff was around when I was going thru IVF.
    Hi. I’m Tracey from the Fertility Daily (ICLW # 56).I’m an IVF mom of two, who blogs for my old RE as my way of giving back. I’m on a quest to help others TTC, especially those who can’t afford IVF. East Coast Fertility’s giving away a free Micro-IVF cycle and you can enter to win thru 8/28 at
    Good luck and I hope your baby dreams come true.

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