Appointment #5 trillion

So remember how in April  Dr. H. suggested that I go to the Repeat Pregnancy Loss clinic here in town and said he’d referred me?  Well once I got back on the chasing baby train after May, June and July break I emailed him to let him know that

a) we would schedule an IUI and I’d phone the nurses line to book once CD 1 arrived

b) should I take progesterone again? (his answer was yes, and I’ll pick up the prescription when we go in for the blood test)

c) how is that referral coming?

Well I emailed again yesterday to say I hadn’t heard from the clinic and then the next thing the clinic is calling me to say they had a cancellation and could I go next week?  Um, yes please.

So, it’s all happening next week.  Well, Friday testing for ovulation and then next week chiropractor, acupuncture (yes, I finished my 7 page form and sent it in) and IUI.  Then a little mini break and fishing trip.  Should be fun and eliminate some stress and allow the embryo to burrow into my lining and 40 weeks later out pops a baby or even two if we’re entering wishful thinking land.

This week is still not over though and tomorrow I’m meeting a former colleague for lunch who’s back at work now after maternity leave from her third child.  This was an accidental pregnancy.  I don’t even understand that phrase, how do you accidentally get pregnant with a THIRD?  Then lunch on Friday with a bestie who’s on maternity leave with her second that “happened too quickly” yep, that’s a quote as well.  Better get to Baby Gap tomorrow.

My left ovary/side has been hurting for the past two days.  It’s starting to wear me down.  I hope I don’t have another cyst.  And I also hope I’m not ovulating from that side as it will make this cycle a bust.

Thinking positive though I’m happy that things are moving along and not too much longer to wait until something is happening.


5 thoughts on “Appointment #5 trillion

  1. I don’t understand the “accidental” thing either. When you are fully aware of just how hard it is to get pregnant, muchless sustain a pregnancy, it seems like it’s a miracle that it even happens at all!!!

  2. It’s so encouraging when things start to go right again, isn’t it? I’m excited for you!

    Yeah, I don’t understand how a third pregnancy can be accidental. By the third time it sounds like they’ve got the hang of it!

  3. While I know the stats and how miraculous it is that anyone ever gets pregnant, I want to remind those people that there are no accidental pregnancies. You get pregnant after side effects, that can happen. He didn’t accidentally put it in, did he?

    I mean, if you get a bit of gas after a meal, you don’t call that an accident. It is just something that happens sometimes when you eat.

    Babies happen sometimes when you have sex.

  4. I am always annoyed at “accidental pregnancies”- no, something statistically improbable happened, or you were irresponsible- Case closed. I actually refer to my first as “statistically improbable” – accident, I think not.

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