completely facetious

You know what’s suffering the most during this bumpy road we find ourselves on?  You’re not going to believe me when I say that it’s….

My eyebrows

Yes, my vanity has surfaced and I’ve admitted that as I now no longer visit my esthetician to wax my vajayjay my eyebrows have been sorely neglected and I need to find a regular esthetician to take care of the forest that grows on top of my eyes.  I can’t go to my regular because she always asks who’s taking care of the bush growing below.  She once asked me if I had mediterranean blood in me as she studied my pubes.  It made for a hilarious, if painful waxing appointment.

This weekend I managed to get myself in for a haircut and stopped in at a nail salon that also does waxing and took a gamble that they could do a half decent job of waxing my eyebrows.  I must admit they look ok but it wasn’t the spa experience I usually get with the pretreatment cream and it was a tiny bit dirty in there.  So, I need to find an eyebrow waxer. 

And that’s what I’m focusing on as my biggest problem – it works to keep me distracted.

11 thoughts on “completely facetious

  1. Does your regular hair salon do eyebrows? You can try them and if you’re not satisfied, they usually try to make up to you with freebies. Mine does anyway. I scored a $15 certificate the first time they did mine because they were too thin. They’ve done a great job since then.

    • they do actually and I tried to book in but she didn’t have an esthetician on a Saturday??!! I will try it there but I only get my hair cut about once every 3 months and my eyebrows need doing about every 4-5 weeks. I think I’ll definitely check it out next time though.

  2. I love it and completely feel your “pain”! My beauty regimen has suffered as well. At first I was treating myself once a month to a facial or a massage as I licked my wounds after a BFN but then it got expensive on top of weekly acupuncture, etc. So, now I only treat myself every once in a while.

    So, good for you and enjoy!!

    • True, pain sucks… the place I got mine done gave me this spray stuff to minimize ingrown hairs… ingrown hairs are pretty awful. My friend Polly has this Epilator she swears by (it’s like an electronic tweezer) so I may have to check that out when I can set side the money for one.

  3. LOL. I feel like crap because my dye job has grown out and I haven’t seen a cosmetician in a year. I think i need to take a page out of your book. At least get my hair dyed!

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