Who knew my chiropractor had a degree in reproductive medicine?

Yes, that is a sarcastic question.

I went to see my chiropractor yesterday for my regularly scheduled appointment (every 3 weeks) and I was in a fair amount of pain.  Segue, I have scoliosis and fibromyalgia and so suffer a bit with chronic pain, the chiropractor appointments really help with this.  She asked me how I was and I told her we are back on the baby making train and I’m currently on progesterone.  She then began to lecture me about how much stress women are under and the strain this puts our bodies under – we are now in “flight or fight” mode.  The hormones are not helping me deal with the stress naturally and the best thing for me to do to get pregnant is reduce my stress by quitting my job and then I should have no problems getting pregnant.  I could not be bothered educating her on this matter but I COULD not believe her borderline rudeness (she knows about our losses) and borderline ignorance.

The only good to come out of this is my back isn’t hurting as much today.  Next time I might grow a backbone (HA HA) and tell her to suck it.

On another note, the prunes are working, hallelujah, the prunes are working.


13 thoughts on “Who knew my chiropractor had a degree in reproductive medicine?

  1. People who have never been there can’t begin to understand. A co-worker of mine couldn’t get pg after her first child after 6 months, tried clomid and got pg right away. She “totally understand my struggle”….her words were not comforting. Clomid or IVF…hmmm…lemme think about this one. Lol
    My acupuncturist told me that she had “trouble getting pregnant” but as soon as she started taking her herbs, practicing yoga and doing acupuncture she got pg all on her own. Then proceeded to tell me how horrible these drugs were and how badly we treat our bodies, but this other way worked for her.
    I just nod and smile.

  2. People are so ignorant. Seriously. I work part-time and have VERY little work-related stress in my life and I still can’t get pregnant. So there.

    Sorry that your appointment was so stressful. Glad though that your back is feeling better and glad the prunes are working 🙂

  3. wow. So crass.
    Usually in these situations I take the opportunity to educate. These people will have to deal with IFers eventually. So in the interest of future patients’ sanity. I chew them out. They take it well. Most of the time. 🙂

    • crass – the prune comment right? 😉

      Good point, I should’ve totally given her the smackdown for the sake of future patients and what a totally ridiculous thing to say. I just didn’t have the energy for her.

      That reminds me, while I was in the room we could hear a child playing rather loudly in the waiting area/lobby. She said “that’s what you’re making, I couldn’t handle it, it’s too loud and I live alone for a reason, I go and visit my friends who have children and have to leave after 40 minutes” I’m going to mention to her that she might want to be more careful in the things she says to people struggling with infertility.

  4. Wow, why don’t they teach people a little tact and compassion when they are in school?
    Sorry that your chiro was so insensitive. To tell someone (anyone!) to Quit. Their. Job. in this economy? Like it will fix all your problems? I mean, I don’t know what your work/finance situation is but my guess is you because you have reasons for working.

    I am glad your back is feeling better! And that your digestive system is back to normal 😉

  5. When we first started TTC, DH’s issues were identified first (literally almost zero sperm, since fixed through varicocele surgery), and we didn’t know that I’d have issues as well. I never worked up the courage to actually do it, but when people made comments like that, part of me wanted so badly to say, “Um, I’m a little confused, so can you explain to me how me reducing my stress level will make DH suddenly start producing sperm?”

    And I agree with Bleeding Tulip – quitting your job (especially in this economy) is only trading one form of stress for another unless you’re independently wealthy. In which case, I suspect you wouldn’t be working in the first place. (At least, I know I wouldn’t be!)

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  8. My chiropractor told me that infertility was due to a maladjusted spine and that with adjustments it could help a lot and that every infertile person who he treated got pregnant shortly thereafter. This quack also told me that I did not have a disc problem, but a real doctor found it via a MRI, and I had to have emergency surgery to fix it once my foot went numb and I was in major sciatia pain. Obviously I have not gone back to this quack, and I do not trust chiropractors anymore.

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