i got a feeling

that saturday’s gonna be a rough day

what gave it away? the worst PMS ever. I’m literally snapping DH’s head off and wanting to eat loads of chocolate. I said to DH, “I think I’m PMS’ing” He said, “how do you know” I said “because I’m snappy and craving chocolate” He said, “isn’t that every day of the month for you?” oh ha ha, it was so funny until it wasn’t. He’s now recuperating and we will speak no more of this incident.

that and the 2 BFN’s

I’m supposed to meet girlfriends for drinks on Friday. Not sure what to do.

What to do? Start thinking about scaling the IVF mountain?



9 thoughts on “i got a feeling

  1. “we will speak no more if the incident” LOL!

    I am really sorry 😦 I wish I could more than digital-Internet hugs. But it would be creepy if l us ALI folks lived in a commune… So I guess my thought wl have to do.

    I hope you enjoy the time with your friends, that it can be a good time to love on them and gave them love on you.


  2. That’s definitely something my hubby would say too, before a trip to the ER…

    I hope Saturday’s not as bad as you think it’ll be. Keep hoping for the best!

    Now I have to go google some of those snacks! What’s a quaver?

    • that’s a picture of when went back to England and loaded up on English sweets and snacks. Quavers are my husband’s pick, I think they’re gross! They’re like a chip – a really soft, airy, light chip. Sick! I like hardbites better.

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re getting BFNs. I hope that it turns out differently but I highly suggest drinks with your girlfriends on Friday night – even if it is just one glass of wine. It won’t hurt anything even if you do end up with a BFP!

    Love the photo of all of those snacks. I think I need to get myself to a snack store πŸ™‚

  4. Your husband’s retort sounds like something my husband would say. And yes, it’s funny until it’s not. Sometimes they just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut!

    Before I got a BFP, I had gotten BFNs earlier that same week – it was just too early to test. Maybe there’s still a chance! I don’t want to give you false hope or anything, but sometimes it just takes a while to have enough HCG in your body for the test to come out positive. But, I’m sure you already know this. I wish you much luck in this cycle!

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