The town with the friendliest people – what’s your opinion?

Fertility Free Friday!  I saw this title on Eggs In A Row’s website and really liked it!  Hope it’s ok to use!!

Wellington, New Zealand.  It’s been 10 years since I lived there and I can still remember clearly how helpful, friendly and just gosh darn NICE everyone was.

I’ve been to Thailand 3 times and each time I’ve met wonderful people.

My husband and I went to Australia last year in December and I must say that we found the people there to be so friendly as well.  In particular in Airlie Beach and the sailing trip we took –the crew were lovely.  Here’s a picture of Whitehaven Beach….stunning!


3 thoughts on “The town with the friendliest people – what’s your opinion?

  1. In the States, I really love Seattle – which is a good thing since we’re moving there 🙂

    Overseas, yes, the people in Thailand area really nice. I also found the people in South Africa to be super nice and really interesting – the native Africans, who we encountered. There is clearly much hardship in South Africa if you don’t have money and they are as happy as can be there. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. I’m honored! 🙂

    I think Cape Town had the friendliest people of anywhere I’ve ever been…seconded by Sioux City, Iowa. (I’ve been around.) 😉

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