Hurry up and wait

Ok….so what’s happened…

My biopsy appointment at the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss clinic was yesterday.  The doctor who had requested it was away so I sat in with a different doctor.  She advised me that we should be doing the biopsy closer to CD 21 rather than the CD 11 I was currently on.  Unfortunately the person booking the appointment advised that “we do biopsy’s on Wednesday’s and when you don’t have your period”.  Well, I fit that case but what he DIDN’T say that it needs to be AFTER I’ve ovulated.  Great, so I have to go back on October 5th to check for infection and to check the lining.  I love how people can screw around with your life so casually. 

She did however give me some answers to my positive blood test.  She mentioned that as it was negative in January and only faintly positive this time around she’d like me to re-test in mid October.  Also, one of the blood tests that I had taken on August 31 the results have yet to arrive.

So, my plan now is, get the tests, get the biopsy, get lots of acupuncture, get the test results and once I have more answers meet with my fertility doctor and make a go-forward plan.  Clear as mud?

I also never said anything on here but I chatted about it with the doctor and last cycle I had 1 test out of 6 that was a faint positive.  My period was also 2 days late and ever since we’ve been tracking ovulation by blood work I’ve been bang on with my period 14 days later.  I had extreme tiredness and then had a very heavy period so when I spoke about this with the doctor at the RPL clinic she thinks that may have been another very early loss. 

Welcome to ICLW….I wish I had more energy to welcome you.  On a plus note I did have a great valium yesterday!

Needless to say I will have a few drinks on my birthday! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait

  1. Miscarriages are hard on our body and heart.

    Very sorry that the clinic screwed up in communicating about what was apt for you report cycle-wise, but I hope they will have solid answers and protocols to have you achieve parenthood.

    Good Luck!

    iclw #39

  2. Oh, I’m sorry that you had a screw up with the clinic. I hate that things like that happen – it’s just one more thing to potentially bring one down.

    Sorry to hear about another potential loss. I hope that you get answers and that those answers come soon!

    Hugs and enjoy those birthday drinks!!

  3. Happy ICLW! Thanks for the comment. I too change out of my work clothes and into pjs (or at least around the house comfy clothes) when I get home.

    Sorry to hear you had to go to the clinic only to find out the timing wasn’t right. May you get all the answers you need the next time you do go.

    Have a great birthday!!

  4. I’m sorry for all the frustration! You would think the importance of making sure correct timing for tests is given to patients would be something the clinic would drill into its staff, especially given the area they specialize in. Grrrr….

    Yea for valium! I’m glad there was something good that came out of the day. 🙂

    I hope you have a great birthday!

  5. Whoa, that blows they messed up the appointment that badly. How frustrating for you! I hope it goes more smoothly next time and that you walk out with the answers you’re seeking. Good luck and have a great birthday! ICLW #43

  6. Ugh! So frustrating that the clinic messed up. Sorry to hear it. Sometimes you just want to yell at these people b/c a) you’re already stressed and b) their attitude about making a mistake (which does happen), just sucks. But then again, since you have to go back, I guess yelling at people is only going to make them suck even more! Good luck at your real appointment!

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