Fertility Free Friday – Take 3

So here we are at FFF and I’m thankful to have made it through this week.

Yesterday I had a lovely pedicure and cocktail with a girlfriend…nice way to roll into the birthday celebrations. I splashed out with a new for me colour – Mermaid’s Tears.

Tonight I’m meeting some friends at the local pub to toast my descent into middle age!

Tomorrow DH and I are headed to the spa for couples massages and hanging out in the pool and hot tub. Should be nice and relaxing.

I’ve really been enjoying acupuncture and Wednesday’s session was very relaxing. They now offer a studio experience where in if you go for twice weekly appointments you can use their studio for additional appointments for free and your husband can also go. I might try it out.



9 thoughts on “Fertility Free Friday – Take 3

  1. Love that color on your toes!
    And what a great weekend you have planned, I hope it is relaxing and that you and the hubs can enjoy your time together.
    Happy Birthday!

    ICLW #23

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