Sunday….a post about nothing

So, I’ve noticed a weird trend and think that my cervical mucus quality is going downhill.  I’m going to have to look into this further.  But this cycle doesn’t count anyway because we’ll be using condoms (so weird, I’ll have to make sure they haven’t expired) due to the endometrial biopsy that STILL isn’t scheduled but is supposed to take place on October 5th.  As you know, they didn’t quite communicate with me in advance and the booking nurse was meant to call me on Thursday last week, well he still hasn’t called and so I left a message on Friday afternoon.  I hope he gets back to me on Monday because I’m worried that I will have to wait another cycle due to timing and the doctor being booked up.  Argh!

I had a lovely birthday party and was spoiled rotten.  DH was fabulous and we had a great time yesterday at the spa.  Today we’re back to the grind of cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and getting ready for the upcoming week.

Not much to report…just a lot of waiting around….I’m SOOOO good at that.

8 thoughts on “Sunday….a post about nothing

  1. Oh man, it’s so frustrating when the doc’s office doesn’t stay on top of everything, and all you want to do is move forward. Helloooooo, person wanting baby waiting – hurry up! Thanks for visiting me, wishing you much luck x

    • Also, since you have endo, have you considered having them test your endo biopsy for beta integrin too? I don’t know much about it because I don’t have endo, but my SIL does and she’s having an endometrial biopsy to check for this, because lacking that protein can interfere with implantation…might be worth asking about, while they’re in there anyway!

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