Sure fire way to scare yourself half to death

Step 1 – Have a decent sized beet salad for lunch

Step 2 – forget you’ve eaten a lot of beets, carry on with your day, go home, go to sleep, wake up and go to work

Step 3 – go to the bathroom for a #2

Step 4 – look in the toilet

Step 5 – freak the eff out and have a variety of thoughts rush through your head such as “what the hell is that” and “bleeding?” “why so purple?”  and “I don’t seem to have any pain, does internal bleeding hurt?”

Step 6 – come to a gradual realization that eating beets = purple poos.  Laugh hysterically to oneself.

Guaranteed to get your heart racing better than a shot of espresso!


9 thoughts on “Sure fire way to scare yourself half to death

  1. Ha! That happened to me when I was doing a bowel prep for surgery. I could eat nothing that day except for liquids and jello. Smarty pants me chose to eat strawberry Jello! Well when it was time to go (and boy did I go a lot that day) and I saw all red, I too freaked the hell out. Thank God my husband (he was my fiance at the time) reminded me I had eaten jello earlier that day! 🙂

    Glad it was nothing serious! At least it’s funny…now of course!

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