Fertility Free Friday

Who’s got Las Vegas hotel recommendations??

Let me know!!



Sweet Sixteen

I saw this great post over at Making Babies on the NHS about the “Dear Me – Celebrity Letters article by the Guardian“.  I read through the letters the celebrities wrote and it got me thinking…what would I want a letter from the future me to say?

Dear Jane-Marie:

This is really going to annoy your 16-year-old self but I’m going to quote a piece of advice from Dad….”don’t wish your life away”  He said this to you when you were 15 and wishing you were 16 and could get your driver’s license.  It’s good advice, take it to heart (Dear 35-year-old self, this advice is for you too).

The things that you want to happen will eventually happen.

Don’t worry so much

Kissing boys isn’t the be all end all

Think more about your career, education and what you want out of life.  Go to a main stream school.  Get a degree in something that doesn’t overly limit your career options. 

Save more money

Eat more food so your metabolism doesn’t slow down in your late 20’s

Believe in yourself and your abilities.  Don’t worry so much about what others think.  Choose good quality friends.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Don’t worry so much, I like you and that’s all that matters

Love yourself.



favorite way to scare yourself

that was something someone searched for to get to my blog….scary indeed.

Here’s one answer.

The other would be to:

  • Ensure it’s evening time (so it’s sufficiently dark inside and no natural light “assists”)
  • Be at home with your spouse/significant other or lover (said with an accent….”lovahhhhhhhhh!”)
  • silently stop what you are doing, get up, quickly turn off all the lights
  • your lovahhhhhh will wonder, “what the eff is going on”
  • hide
  • J has played this game before so he knows not to turn on the lights (that’s cheating)
  • try to scare the shit out of the other person by jumping out from behind a door or crawl along the floor and grab their ankle
  • laugh hysterically
  • repeat as necessary

enraged ambivalence

there’s a post in here somewhere I swear

went to the fertility doctor yesterday. honestly, i don’t even know what to say….

the short story is that i didn’t ovulate this cycle and they couldn’t date my endometrial biopsy test due to the lack of estrogen. may have to retest. our RE says the plan is still to wait for the RPL appointment and get the “all clear” and keep trying…either IUI, superovulation or IVF. roll on november 16th.

On another note, we went to see the Foo Fighters last night….talking about effing fantastic. it was great to go out and just participate in life and be together doing something. who goes to a rock concert on a tuesday night though? working 50-60hours/week is not overly conducive to staying out on a school night past 9 PM. I’m too old for this shit. oh wait, Dave Grohl is 42…yikes. they played a 3 hour set and he did 4 acoustic songs and it was just a really great time. am SO tired

i’ve had a fairly successful week at work which is good but SO tiring as well.

overall, i just don’t know where i’m at or what i want and how that translates into our family

but that’s ok for now because Dave Grohl is a sexy beast.

Updating my 10 things….

I foolishly made this list and thought it time to check in on my “progress”

1. Go fishing – we couldn’t rent a boat so didn’t get this done and unlikely too now that the weather has changed

2. Go somewhere in Canada that I’ve never been before – looking unlikely

3. Attend a networking event  done hooray!

4. Watch the Harry Potter final movie – lost interest

5. Attend a clothing/book exchange party  this was a tonne of fun and I got two awesome hoodies, for FREE!  If you can go to one, or organize one, do it!  It’s a good time and you can clean out your wardrobe of stuff you don’t want and get a few new bits or new books to read or new accessories.

6.  Try a new food  I had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner and had venison for the first time. Delish!!

7. Go geo-caching – not yet 😦

8. Visit a new provincial park – not yet 😦

9. Go eagle spotting Such beautiful birds

10. Get and stay pregnant 😦


How’s your list?


Happy ICLW!!  Welcome to my blog.  I am currently waiting, waiting and more waiting!  In the mean time, I am trying to get a bit more healthy, going for acupuncture and trying to lose a little bit of weight.

I’d love to hear from you and am looking for some recipes for dinner.  If you’d like, please leave your favorite, easy and go to dinner recipe in the comments.  I’ll try them all out, post pictures and let you guys know how it went.

I’m finding it pretty difficult to restrict dairy.  Chocolate, milk, cheese….great weaknesses of mine.

My fish oil supplement is not going down so well.  I need to get back to taking this.

I made an awesome smoothie today:

  • Orange juice
  • frozen blueberries
  • 2 apples, peeled
  • mango
  • frozen cranberries

It was pretty good and helped me get down some good vitamins.

We went out to a soccer game today.  It was pretty exciting even though they lost.  Was nice to get out and do something different and have fun together.

Does anyone have any hotel recommendations in Anaheim/Orange County area?

Don’t forget to submit your Creme post!!