My endometrial biopsy experience

Today was a day I was counting down towards.

I arrived 5 minutes early for my 3:00 PM appointment.  I am still very emotional going into that place as the abortion clinic is also there where I had the D & C to remove our dead baby back in October.  I felt anxious and on the verge of tears going past the ultrasound room where they confirmed early fetal demise before the D&C.

I met with the doctor and a resident doctor.  They went over my chart and explained the procedure.  The Dr. also mentioned that the one blood test I was waiting results for came back negative so that’s a positive (scuse the pun)

They then drew a curtain, left the room – side note, I always wonder why they do this – so I could strip from the waist down and hop onto the table and into the stirrups.  They both came back, washed their hands and proceeded to get the equipment ready.

They unwrapped the speculum and showed me the catheter tube that would be getting the sample from .

The resident first examined my stomach and then went to the goal end.  I asked for some gel to be put on the speculum as I have pain with insertion.

She put in the speculum and opened my cervix.  She then showed me the swab that she was going to swab my cervix with.  I had period like cramping at this point.  My heart was pounding a bit and I did my best to relax with deep breathing and trying not to tighten my stomach and lower pelvis area.

She then instructed me to cough deeply and inserted the catheter.  This pin pricked hurt a bit and I felt menstrual like cramps.  She removed the catheter and the doctor examined it to see if there was enough tissue.  I feverishly hoped that there was as I didn’t want to have another attempt happen.  Thankfully there was enough tissue and she removed the speculum and I immediately felt a sense of relief.  I had period cramps, a bloated feeling and general soreness.

They were very kind and told me if at any time I wanted to stop to please let them know.  I said, I’d rather just get it over with and I’d lie back and think of England.

It’s now 7:46 and I can still feel the cramps and my stomach is still quite bloated.  I am fairly sleepy from the drugs that I took to help with the anxiety.

My husband was a star and looked after me.  We picked up yummy cinnamon buns (uh, not exactly on point behaviour according to my last post but rules were made to be broken?  I’d also had a salad and apple, beet, carrot fresh squeezed juice.  He then made me a lovely dinner and I’ve been in my pj’s watching TV.

Once I got home I tortured myself by watching the first 30 minutes of UP! as it had been on my mind ever since Brooke’s post.


7 thoughts on “My endometrial biopsy experience

    • 2-3 weeks, however, I need to go for another blood test for the lupus anti-coagulant. I”m doing that at the end of the month and then meeting the doctor to go through all the results on November 16. SIGH

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