It’s official

Acupuncture needles.

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I love acupuncture.  I find it incredibly relaxing and the only time I ever switch off.  I relax for about 45 minutes with no distractions from work, email, phone, worry, TV, internet etc. etc. etc.

I go once per week but I think I will increase this.  I usually have 6:30 PM or later appointments.

I arrive, in yoga gear and usually wait about 5’ish minutes.  Then get into the room with my doctor and update her on what’s happened medical wise during the week.  She asks me about my digestion…ha ha and then I tell her about my diet.  She then leaves the room (I have no idea why) and I hop up on the table.  She comes back in, turns on the heated bed and proceeds to stick me with several needles starting my head and working down.  Last night she put 1 in each foot in between my big toe and second toe.  WOW that was a zinger!  She took it out and put it in a different spot but it still ZINGED!  It gradually went away but she said that was the liver point and relates to stress and an approaching period.  Both of which are happening.

That being said, my stress levels are out of control.  I’ve been having anxiety and pain in my chest from being so worked up.  I want to go to acupuncture more to help me relax, breathe and have a break from all of the worry that is eating me up inside and chipping away at my health, happiness and relationships.  I am so stressed out and don’t know how to stop being this way.

After she is done putting in the needles, she uses a laser on my foot (which has been experiencing severe pain) which has worked miracles!  THey use it for egg retrieval and transfer and say that it helps and a happy usage is also for muscle pain.  Then lowers the lights, puts on some plinky-plonky music, covers my eyes and I zone out for a bit.

Yes, I should go more often!


4 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. My, I confess you sound like you really enjoy it, but it still does not appeal to me… It must be because must of the acupuncture “shops” I walk by seem kind of cheesy and unprofessional. I assume those needles are all disposable, right?

  2. I have always wondered about acupuncture and how much it really hurts when they put the needles in. Is the zing from the needle going in, or is it your body release pain pressure points (if that makes any sense)?

    I’m also a little jealous of that quality alone time – nothing beats that!

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