7 thoughts on “What do you think is the most destructive force to humankind?

  1. Not sure about everyone else, but my answer was pretty immediate.
    My mind (my thoughts) can be the most destructive thing to me… but then on the flipside I guess it can also be the most amazing.

  2. I thought long and hard about this and I’m quite sure it would be Lupron. That shit can bring me to my knees so I’m positive it could easily destroy man.

    To womankind (non natural forces of course) the natural erosion of proper manners and family values. No one seems to take the time to teach their kids how to behave, react and respond to other humans with decency and respect. Mostly because they themselves don’t either.

    our country is full of selfish, earphones jammed into their head, not engaging in normal social face to face interactions with people in public who prefer technology over family values and being decent human beings to each other. gone are the days of family dinner every night w out distractions, respecting and treating elders with kindess, and ensuring that you– the parent who created this child–are teaching and raising your child-not blaming the teachers.

    This erosion is by far the most destructive force because no one seems to notice it.

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