Updating my 10 things….

I foolishly made this list and thought it time to check in on my “progress”

1. Go fishing – we couldn’t rent a boat so didn’t get this done and unlikely too now that the weather has changed

2. Go somewhere in Canada that I’ve never been before – looking unlikely

3. Attend a networking event  done hooray!

4. Watch the Harry Potter final movie – lost interest

5. Attend a clothing/book exchange party  this was a tonne of fun and I got two awesome hoodies, for FREE!  If you can go to one, or organize one, do it!  It’s a good time and you can clean out your wardrobe of stuff you don’t want and get a few new bits or new books to read or new accessories.

6.  Try a new food  I had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner and had venison for the first time. Delish!!

7. Go geo-caching – not yet 😦

8. Visit a new provincial park – not yet 😦

9. Go eagle spotting Such beautiful birds

10. Get and stay pregnant 😦


How’s your list?


8 thoughts on “Updating my 10 things….

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a list post.

    The exchange parties sound awesome! I’ll have to look into that for sure.

    We tried geocaching a few times. Never found anything, but still had fun, even the one time we were run off by the cops from a closed restaurant’s parking lot (apparently they’d been having some problems with vandalism). We also have a few annual local treasure hunts that we always have fun with. You could go geocaching in a new park! Two birds with one stone!

  2. Great idea! Does it count if you make a list of things you’ve already done so you can cross them off? Probably not. Oh well. Happy ICLW!

  3. I didn’t make a list and it’s probably a good thing. The last couple of months have been pretty shoddy. 4 out of 10 isn’t terrible. You still have a couple of months of the year left to get a few more done!

    The clothing/book exchange party does sound like a lot of fun! I may have to look into hosting one. I’m also longing to try geocaching.

    Good luck with getting more of your list completed! Oh! And give the final Harry Potter film a chance….it’s actually really good!

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