favorite way to scare yourself

that was something someone searched for to get to my blog….scary indeed.

Here’s one answer.

The other would be to:

  • Ensure it’s evening time (so it’s sufficiently dark inside and no natural light “assists”)
  • Be at home with your spouse/significant other or lover (said with an accent….”lovahhhhhhhhh!”)
  • silently stop what you are doing, get up, quickly turn off all the lights
  • your lovahhhhhh will wonder, “what the eff is going on”
  • hide
  • J has played this game before so he knows not to turn on the lights (that’s cheating)
  • try to scare the shit out of the other person by jumping out from behind a door or crawl along the floor and grab their ankle
  • laugh hysterically
  • repeat as necessary

8 thoughts on “favorite way to scare yourself

  1. Here from ICLW. I laughed about the beet story, because I scare myself regularly when I pee after eating beets. My pee is beet coloured! I cannot tell you how many times I thought that I had a UTI 🙂 or a kidney cancer 😦

  2. I showed this to hubby and immediately regretted it, like as soon as I let go of my phone immediately. I’m such a huge weenie at night anyway, I’m always afraid every little noise is rats or robbers or ghosts or who knows what. What have I done?? I’ll let you know.

  3. It’s easy!

    1) Be terrified of zombies.
    2) Love zombie movies.

    I would try it your way but my husband would be asleep as soon as the lights went off. 😀

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