Sweet Sixteen

I saw this great post over at Making Babies on the NHS about the “Dear Me – Celebrity Letters article by the Guardian“.  I read through the letters the celebrities wrote and it got me thinking…what would I want a letter from the future me to say?

Dear Jane-Marie:

This is really going to annoy your 16-year-old self but I’m going to quote a piece of advice from Dad….”don’t wish your life away”  He said this to you when you were 15 and wishing you were 16 and could get your driver’s license.  It’s good advice, take it to heart (Dear 35-year-old self, this advice is for you too).

The things that you want to happen will eventually happen.

Don’t worry so much

Kissing boys isn’t the be all end all

Think more about your career, education and what you want out of life.  Go to a main stream school.  Get a degree in something that doesn’t overly limit your career options. 

Save more money

Eat more food so your metabolism doesn’t slow down in your late 20’s

Believe in yourself and your abilities.  Don’t worry so much about what others think.  Choose good quality friends.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Don’t worry so much, I like you and that’s all that matters

Love yourself.




2 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. I wish I could tell my 16 year old self that what everyone said was true: high school doesn’t matter once you’re out of it. Not even a little.

    Also I would tell her to cut her hair because I was rockin’ a TERRIBLE look back then.

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