Heparin training booked

now, just need to get pregnant!

the latest appointment at the RPL clinic was a mixture of annoying, anger inducing and at least a positive move in a direction resembling forward

the doctor started off by not making eye contact and saying “right, are you pregnant?”

I said, “no I’m not”.  What I felt like saying was, “I’m seeing my 4th doctor at the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss clinic for discussions on heparin…what the eff do you think?”

so apparently I don’t fit the “typical” case study and meet the strict criteria (a fact she must have mentioned at least 10 times and I am NOT exaggerating even though you know I am prone to do so) they are going to treat me with Heparin anyway.  She sees “lots of women like me” (poor souls) and as heparin doesn’t hurt the baby she sees no reason not to treat me with it and if anyone tells me that it does hurt the baby she “will refute that unequivocally”.  You have been warned!  So, even though she asked if I was pregnant, took a phone call during our appointment, had no clue about any of my history and made me go through the whole thing again and FLIRTED with my husband she did say that she would treat me “even though I don’t meet the strict clinical criteria” so…there is that.  Small things to be grateful for.


6 thoughts on “Heparin training booked

  1. I feel your pain — I’m positive for Leiden Factor V & mthfr dna, so I’ll have to start heparin treatment as well as soon as I get pregnant (which could be the case now — I’ll find out in another week!) — and EVERY time I go to see the hematologist, the man has no idea who I am, or why I’m there. I get it, you’re busy and you have a lot of patients, but would it kill you to flip through my chart before you walk through the door, and not right in front of me (after you’ve kept me waiting almost two hours?!)

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