No sleep til Brooklyn

Well Friday morning up bright and early and hit the lab for a 7:15 AM blood call to test LH and Estradiol (12.5 IU/L and 475 pmol/L) and then again this morning at 7:30 AM (11.6 and 587). I have no idea what these mean. The nurse called me today to state that I’m still not ovulating (Day 16) and to come back AGAIN tomorrow at 7:30 AM for another blood test (Day 17). I can hardly wait.

In other news, my feet are actually twitching as it’s been so long since I’ve bought a new pair of shoes. I need to go for a pedicure and then start to wear open toed shoes again….roll on spring and all the fertility it brings with it.


Relax we just passed the tonsils

Well…it’s a deep subject.  Wow, two lame jokes already

So, here’s the latest.  I had the scan to see if my cyst is back in action and they couldn’t find it or my ovary.  So I’m not convinced its gone but the last 2 ultrasounds it showed up and this time it didn’t so that is positive.  We are scheduled for IUI (without Clomid this time due to the cyst) #4 and start ultrasound monitoring on Thursday.  Fingers crossed.

The doctor also suggested we book for a follow up appointment and discuss the plan.  Sounds good to me as I have no idea what is going to happen.

the spiral continues

Well I am now 3 days late, exhausted and huge knockers.  I”m assuming this is period related and not pregnancy related but my brain is going crazy.  I have one test left at home and am sure the urge to use it will consume me tonight, I’m some sort of addict.  I will need to watch many episodes of TLC’sHoarders” to distract me for as long as possible.  Am so addicted to that show!

I am thinking to contact my RE as well and let her know the latest as in the positive pregnancy tests and then negatives. She has told me to take low dose aspirin so if this is another chemical pregnancy I’m assuming she will update my patient file.  The thing is I’ve had all the blood work done to test for repeat miscarriage and everything came back normal.   We took this last cycle as a break as couldn’t face going in for another IUI.  I need to give them a call anyways once I do get my period to schedule an ultrasound to check out my pesky cyst on my deformed left ovary.


Crazy person